NFC Forum announces new principle members

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NFC Technology

New members inducted into the NFC Forum this week

The NFC Forum, a non-profit organization that aims to promote the development and adoption of NFC technology, has announced the addition of several new companies as the organization’s principle members. Canon, Hewlett-Packard, and Yahoo! JAPAN have been inducted as principle members of the NFC Forum, joining several others that are making use of or promoting the adoption of NFC technology. The induction of new principle members is expected to bring more momentum behind the adoption of NFC technology in a number of industries around the world.

Forum to continue pushing for the progress of NFC technology

The NFC Forum has been working to make NFC technology a staple of many industries since its founding in 2004. The organization has been an integral part of drafting and implementing standards that are meant to ensure the universal convenience and consumer friendliness of the technology. While these standards have been ignored by many companies interested in utilizing NFC technology, many more have adopted them in the hopes of providing consumers with a favorable experience, thus increasing the demand for the technology.

New members expected to promote adoption and advancement

The newest principle members of the NFC Forum have proven to be leaders in the realms of consumer electronics, information technology, semiconductor technologies, and various Internet industries. NFC Forum chairman Koichi Tagawa believes that the newest members will contribute greatly to the adoption of NFC technology around the world, amongst both consumers and businesses.

NFC technology becoming a popular tool for numerous industries

NFC technology continues to attract attention for its myriad of uses. Mobile commerce has, thus far, been the most popular purpose of the technology. The marketing industry is beginning to show a keen interest in NFC for its ability to connect and engage a new generation of mobile consumers. The NFC Forum continues to produce new standards for the use of the technology and incorporate new members into its ranks.

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