NFC-enabled application from VTT Technical Research Center could be useful for visually impaired consumers

NFC Technology

As mobile technology become more popular around the world, those with special needs may be missing out. The VTT Technical Research Center in Finland has been working on a series of NFC application that are geared to serve the visually impaired. Researchers believe that the technology can help those with troubled vision to better function in the world and enable them to experience the same features many consumers are coming to adore. The application aims to expand upon the simple concept of linking a physical product to the digital world.

Using the app, visually impaired users were able to touch their smart phone to a tag affixed to a product. The tag would transmit nutrition information to the smart phone, which would then allow the user to listen to the data. The concept is often referred to as speech tagging. The research center tested the application with visually impaired consumers and found that this practice was well received. Researchers believe that their app will make the lives of impaired individual a little easier when they go grocery shopping.

The problem lies in the major shortage of NFC-enabled smart phones. Telecommunications companies are working to bring new mobile devices that can interact with NFC technology to consumers, but work has been slow going. Once these companies launch their mobile devices, however, the VTT Technical Research Center believes that NFC applications that are geared for impaired consumers will become quite popular.

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