News Corp. adopts augmented reality to engage Australian consumers

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Interactive technology may be able to help the print industry appeal to a new generation

Augmented reality has been causing a stir in the print industry, particularly among newspapers that are looking for a competitive edge to keep readers interested. News Corporation, one of the world’s largest news organizations and publisher of newspapers, has taken a keen interest in augmented reality recently. The company is not the first in its industry to make use of augmented reality and will not likely be the last as the technology allows newspapers to engage tech-savvy consumers. Like others, News Corp. believes that augmented reality will give it the edge it needs to keep consumers enthralled with print.

News Alive app allows users to experience augmented reality content in their newspapers

The company has developed a new mobile application for iOS devices called News Alive. The application is capable of identifying and initiation augmented reality experiences that are embedded in newspapers. These newspaper experiences are meant to provide readers with access to digital content, such as video interviews, photo galleries, or expanded articles. News Corp. has already seen success with the application in Australia, where it launched an augmented reality version of the Sunday line of papers.

AR initiative linked with Commonwealth Bank rebranding

News Corp. is not alone in this initiative. Australia’s Commonwealth Banks and News Sales Australia, and advertising firm associated with the news organization’s publications, have also had a hand in the augmented reality campaign. The Commonwealth Bank is currently working to rebrand itself as a more technology-based organization and believes that augmented reality can help solidify this image in the minds of consumers. News Sales Australia was pivotal in identifying that consumers had responded well to interactive marketing and augmented reality campaigns in the past.

Augmented reality expected to appeal to new generation of tech-savvy consumers

Like others news organizations, News Corp. expects that augmented reality will play a role in the future of print media. If the print industry can successfully implement augmented reality, it may have the ability to compete with technology. Consumers have already shown favor for mobile platforms, such as the iPad, but many have not yet lost their love for print.

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