New technology could change the future of mobile commerce

wearable technology watch mobile commerce

SK Planet outlines its predictions of the future of retail commerce at recent event

SK Planet, a leading mobile solutions provider and subsidiary of SK Group, believes that new technology will continue to blur the line that separates digital and traditional commerce. The company recently discussed its view of mobile commerce at an event held in South Korea, which was also attended by several large organizations that have interests in the mobile space. During this discussion, SK Planet outlined what it expected to see in the future of the mobile space.

New technology is changing the way that people interact with businesses

According to SK Planet, mobile technology is beginning to have a more prominent impact on human interaction. The emergence of smartphones and tablets have allowed people to connect with one another at any time they wish. Technology has also changed the way people interact with businesses, leading to a new demand for mobile-centric services among consumers. This demand has led to the creation of new services and devices and may open up new opportunities in the mobile commerce field that are not yet available.

Wearable devices may have a role to play in the continued evolution of digital commerce

wearable technology watch mobile commerceThe introduction of new technologies, such as wearable devices, may further change the way people shop for and purchase products. Companies that want to see continued success in the future will have to account for these new technologies in order to stay relevant with consumers. Those that show resistance to mobile commerce may be risking obsolescence as consumers show favor for their competitors that offer mobile services.

Physical stores still dominate retail revenue, but retailers could benefit by engaging mobile consumers more effectively

While mobile commerce has been growing rapidly, SK Planet notes that physical stores are still home for the majority of retail sales. The company notes that businesses that want to engage mobile consumers could find success in adopting services that attract these consumers to their stores. Mobile shopping applications can be used for this purpose, offering people special deals if they visit a physical store and make a payment with their mobile devices.

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