New service offers free printable business cards featuring QR codes

QR Codes Business Cards

QR Code Business Cards
An online printable business cards company,, which has been in operation since 2005, has announced that it is now offering the ability to use a web-based service to create business cards featuring a QR code.

These printable business cards are available to users for free and provide them with up to 350 characters of space in which to enter their contact, brand, and product or service information.

The creator of the site, Kevin Savetz, explained that QR codes are making their way into every part of our lives, ranging from ads in magazines to bus stop posters, and even on product packages. He added that “By combining these black-and-white squares with smartphone scanning technology, businesses and other entities can share a lot of information in a small space.”

Before deciding to offer the additional QR code, the website already had 1,081 traditional layouts of printable business cards available to its users. Savetz said that through an easy to use website-based interface, visitors to the site can enter the information they would like to have embedded into QR code, and then with a click of the mouse, the card can be downloaded and subsequently printed off. He boasted enthusiastically that the service is both free and very convenient.

The business cards featuring the QR codes are downloadable in PDF format. The other traditional formats, which include more than 1,000 designs, are still available at the website. Those can be downloaded in DOC format so that they can be further edited.

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