New research shows mobile health adoption is high in Hispanic communities

mobile health clinics program

A new PwC study has shown that this ethnic group contains a large number of pioneers in this form of care.

The Health Research Institute (HRI) at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has now released the results of a recent study in which it determined that when it comes to mobile health adoption, the Hispanic community is highly involved.

In fact, there are more people using mhealth in that ethnic group than in most others.

The Hispanic community appears to be leading the way in mobile health, which is an area in which primary care providers will also soon be greatly involved. The report was entitled “Primary Care in the New Health Economy: Time for a Makeover.” Within it, HRI determined that people of Hispanic descent are adopting mhealth at a more rapid rate than people outside of that community. This technology is allowing them to refill prescriptions and to email their physicians more quickly than their non-Hispanic counterparts.

This fastest growing demographic in the United States is showing the largest willingness to use mobile health tools.

mobile health clinics programAccording to the PwC report, the size of this community is expected to double by the year 2050. This offers a sizeable range of possibilities for the consumer market as it will maintain an estimated purchasing power of $1.5 trillion. Moreover, this is a group that is greatly willing to remain open minded about the use of healthcare in a way that breaks away from the traditional format, when it comes to being able to receive quality care at a better value.

This trend away from the traditional primary care system’s parameters could offer the health industry an entirely new way of providing innovative new approaches. The report determined that Hispanics are pioneers in mobile health in a broad range of different ways, regardless of their insurance status and income levels. It said that this is the case because they are heavy mobile technology users, they pay a larger amount of attention to product and service cost and value for health services and they have access to a wider reach of primary care. It is certain that they will rapidly draw attention from the mhealth industry in the very near future.

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