New report reveals women are top mobile game spenders

mobile game spenders - women using smartphones

Women are 79% more likely to make an in-app purchase after installing a game.

A mobile games study from Liftoff reveals that women are the big mobile game spenders. Women make in-app approximately 16.7% of the time after installing a mobile game app.

In-app purchase conversion rates for iOS gamers is nearly double that of Android gamers.

The mobile users acquisition firm learned through its analysis that not only are women more likely to make in-app purchases, but iOS users are bigger mobile game spenders compared to Android users.

The in-app conversion rate for iOS gamers is 21% compared to Android gamers at 10.8%, according to the Liftoff report. That being said, with 1.5 million new Android devices activated daily, the Android numbers are increasing. Moreover, the company notes that compared to Apple users (43.6%), Android users are more likely to register (52%) after downloading an app.

Targeting the biggest group of mobile game spenders will be key for marketers.

While Liftoff made many discoveries in its 2018 Mobile Gaming Apps Report, which analyzed 46.7 billion impressions and other data collected from June 1 2017 – May 31, 2018, what it revealed regarding the purchasing trends of women gamers is important for marketers.

“Women are a lucrative audience, and it takes a different strategy to target women,” said Liftoff CEO Mark Ellis, reported VentureBeat. “They are more lucrative on cost per action campaigns.”

The focus of cost per action campaigns is not only to get a mobile user to download an app, but to also do something in addition to this actions, such as making a purchase.

The CEO believes that we have entered a “golden age” of mobile game marketing because, while the cost of acquiring mobile users via advertisements is reducing at all stages, the performance of post-install conversion rates is improving.

For example, the report found that the install-to-purchase rate for all users is 13.4%, which has climbed an impressive 67% from the previous year. Worldwide, the cost to acquire a mobile user who completes an in-app purchase today is just over $28 compared to the just over $50 it cost last mobile game spenders - women using smartphonesyear.

Liftoff noted that the number of mobile game spenders is growing, as gamers are spending more money on games in all its forms and formats compared to any other kind of entertainment.

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