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New platform coming to China’s mobile commerce scene

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New platform could potentially compete with Alibaba in mobile and e-commerce

Alibaba may not be the leading name in China’s e-commerce scene for much longer. Singapore’s YuuZoo and the Shanghai Media Group are planning to launch a new social media and e-commerce platform that intends to rival Alibaba in China. The new platform will not only cater to the traditional Internet audience, of course, as it will also seek to engage mobile consumers that have become enthralled with the idea of mobile commerce.

Platform aims to integrate social media into the commerce space, leveraging YuuZoo technology and the broadcast range of Shanghai Media

The new platform will seek to link consumers and advertisers to social media networks that have e-commerce features. The platform will also leverage Shanghai Media’s expansive broadcast network to connect with consumers throughout mainland China. The platform will make use of payments technology developed by YuuZoo. One of the platform’s features will allow those watching sporting events to post comments and photos online while also allowing them to purchase merchandize and services related to the event.

Alibaba remains a leader in mobile and e-commerce, for now

mobile commerce asia pacificAlibaba currently holds a dominating position in the Chinese e-commerce space. The company has solidified this position with a stronger focus on the mobile world. China has become a very active mobile commerce market, and many companies looking to engage consumers are beginning to understand that they have to have some sort of mobile presence in order to do so effectively. While Alibaba has established a strong position in mobile commerce, the company is not impervious to competition.

New platform will likely have to compete with Tencent as well as Alibaba if it wants to find success in social and mobile commerce

Shanghai Media and YuuZoo will not only be competing with Alibaba. Tencent, another massive Chinese company, is also interested in the mobile commerce space, but not necessarily in terms of retail. Tencent is China’s largest social media and gaming organizations, and will likely compete with the new platform coming from Shanghai Media and YuuZoo with its WeChat application and associated platforms.

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