New mobile payments service is coming to Dubai

dubai mobile commerce

New payment solution will help Dubai move toward becoming a cashless society

Dubai aims to become a cashless society in the future and will begin focusing on mobile payments. Those with mobile devices will soon begin to take advantage of a new payment solution being developed by Quisk Middle East and Network International. This solution has won the support of the Dubai Smart Government, as well. The new mobile payments solution is expected to be rolled out across Network International’s point-of-sale network in the United Arab Emirates throughout this year.

Mobile payments service will leverage the power of cloud technology

The new mobile payments solution will be based on cloud technology developed by Quisk. This will allow the solution to utilize mobile phone numbers and passwords in order to give consumers access to a new digital cash account. Notably, consumers will not need to have smartphones in order to make use of the solution, which is likely to expand the access that consumers have to mobile payments. The solution will be used to pay for a wide variety of services, including those provided by the government.

Demand for mobile payments support is growing among consumers throughout the United Arab Emirates

dubai mobile commerceMobile payments have been growing in popularity in the United Arab Emirates. The number of consumers with mobile devices has erupted, which has lead to a rise in the prevalence of mobile shopping. Consumers want to make use of their devices to shop for and purchase products that they are interested in, but relatively few retailers offer support for mobile payments currently. New services being offered in Dubai may change this, as consumers will have more access to mobile payments.

Solution will have to ensure the security of consumer information in order to be successful

Network International believes that the new service will herald in a new era of cashless payments in the United Arab Emirates. Quisk shares this believe, suggesting that the new service will change the way people in Dubai view commerce. The solution will have to overcome some security challenges in order to be successful, however, as the mobile payments space is becoming a very attractive target for malicious groups.

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