New mobile marketing campaign launched to promote Google Play in Australia

Mobile Marketing Google QR codes and NFC

Mobile marketing puts a new twist on traditional advertising tools

With technology playing such a major role in the modern world, it can often be difficult to see the value of traditional marketing tools, such as billboards. For Google, marketing has long been a major priority, and not only for the company itself but the multitudes of others that rely on its marketing capabilities as well. Google has been working to promote its popular Google Play application store in Australia recently and has taped oOh! Media, a leading advertising firm, to accomplish this task by engaging consumers through the use of mobile marketing.

Digital billboards equipped with QR codes and NFC technology

This week, oOh! Media launched a new mobile marketing campaign involving a new kind of billboard that may help promote Google Play among Australians. The firm has developed digital billboards that will be set up in domestic airports in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. These digital billboards will leverage the capabilities of NFC technology and QR codes to engage consumers in a dynamic way and offer them services they may not already be familiar with.


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Mobile Marketing Google QR codes and NFCCampaign to promote apps through Google Play

The billboard will market a variety of applications, ranging from games to electronic books. Consumers can interact with these billboards by accessing the QR codes or the NFC tags that are associated with them. Doing so will allow these consumers to access the applications that are being advertised through Google Play. Thus far, the mobile marketing campaign has managed to achieve more than 2,000 interactions from consumers, most of whom have made use of the QR codes they have found on the billboards.

QR codes expected to see more use than NFC tags

The campaign’s QR codes are likely to see more use than its NFC tags largely due to the fact that NFC technology can only be accessed by NFC-enabled mobile devices. These devices are still relatively rare in Australia, but QR code scanners have become native in many smartphones that have been released in the country in recent years.

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