New mobile application FliqStamp lets users personalize any moment

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NAPLES, Flor. – Now consumers can attach personalized video messages to any package and send it to their friends and family thanks to a mobile application that incorporates technology into an encoded sticker. That’s the idea from Raventions, a new tech company based in Naples whose first project, FliqStamp, urges users to “Send the moment.”

The app lets users scan and record a personalized video message to a virtual video sticker, similar to a QR code. Users can attach FliqStamp to any package or real world object. When the package is delivered, the recipient scans FliqStamp prompting the previously recorded message to play on their mobile device.


“Its almost as if a virtual ‘you’ is personally handing over a package to your friends and family,” said Kyle Peppe, Chief Creative Officer at Raventions. “That’s how we want this experience to feel.”

Raventions believes that the continual rise in online buying has hindered the intimacy involved in the way people give and receive gifts, today. Peppe says FliqStamp is a quick and easy way to complement any gift with an added touch of personalization.

“FliqStamp provides users a resource to be creative and express exactly what they want with a video message that is as diverse and unique as each loved one who receives it,” Peppe said. “Like social media, the possibilities are endless in terms of how people decide to use this product.”

“We have been pouring our hearts into this project and we are excited to share our idea with the world,” Peppe said.

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