New CEO at Yahoo takes a fresh mobile commerce focus

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Yahoo Headquarters
Scott Thompson, the new CEO at Yahoo! Inc., may have used his keen skill for meticulous detail to bring the PayPal unit at eBay Inc. into mobile payments to bring revenues to over double their previous levels, and to bring the member base to over 100 million, but it is anticipated that his challenges will now be even greater.

Fifty-four year old Thompson now faces the responsibility of bringing advertisers and users back to one of the largest American web portal, whose sales and market share are rapidly slipping away. According to Benchmark Co. analyst, Clayton Moran, Thompson start with Yahoo in the beginning of the year makes it unlikely that the company will keep on its current course to find strategic options such as simply selling itself in its entirety.

Moran explained that in his opinion, it is evident that “they want to remain independent and try to drive a turnaround, which as we’ve seen over the years has been very difficult to achieve.”

Among Thompson’s past experience includes such positions as the global technology oversight at Visa Inc., and he was also responsible for making the online payments at PayPal the fastest growing eBay business as an engineer and accountant there.

He has indicated that the top of his focus includes bringing Yahoo back to the innovative forefront, and boosting the company’s revenue. This means that it will be concentrating increasingly on services for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. As Thompson already has experience in expanding into mobile payments and online daily deals, he may be well equipped to deal with his upcoming challenges.

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