New augmented reality platform seeks to bring new life to the world of board games

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A new augmented reality project seeks to bring new life to board games through the use of technology. In bygone years, board games and other strategy-based games were a reliable form of entertainment. As technology grew to encompass the whole of society, people turned to more convenient forms of entertainment such as online games and surfing the Internet. While technology struck a grievous blow to the world of turn-based games, it may also be the one thing that can bring the industry back from the brink of obsolescence.

OggBoard, a new project from Samuel Lytle, a noted author and app reviewer, seeks to revolutionize the way people play board games. The platform is designed to revolve around augmented reality, bringing gaming pieces to life using the technology. The OggBoard itself is a physical product upon which can be placed several markers that represent AR content. Using an iPhone, each of these markers becomes a fully rendered 3D figurine which can be moved around the environment at will. Thus far, the platform can be used to make games of chess more engaging and visually dynamic.

The OggBoard is still in the conceptual stage. The developers have launched funding for the project through Kickstarter, a crowd-sourced funding initiative. Developers hope to raise $45,000 to fund the creation of the board, a chess game designed to be used on the platform and convert some well-loved fantasy board games into AR games.

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