Nearly 9 out of 10 tablet owners will make holiday purchases with their devices

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The findings of recent research performed by Zmags has shown that 87 percent of the owners of tablet devices will make holiday purchases using those mobile devices this season.

The Zmags study also determined that consumers who use tablets typically spend quite freely on their tablets, with the average shopping total coming to $325. The survey involved the participation of 1,500 consumers, among whom there were 238 tablet users. It examined various elements of their shopping behaviors.

According to the chief marketing officer and chief operating officer of Boston-based Zmags, Sean Ford, among the discoveries that they found the most interesting had to do with the state of mind of the shoppers when they made their purchases, as they typically felt happy and enthusiastic.

The study also found that a growing number of shoppers are buying more expensive products using their mobile device this holiday season. For example, more than 50 percent of tablet owners browse for clothing using their mobile device, and 38 percent had actually made a purchase from that category.

Furthermore, 38 percent of tablet owners use those devices for purchasing toys, which – according to Zmags – illustrates the role played by the devices in holiday gift purchases. It also determined that jewelry was an important tablet shopping category, though it did not publish any specific statistics relating to that claim.

Almost one in three tablet owners said that convenience was the reason that they decided to use their device to shop. One quarter of the device owners said that it was the user experience that they enjoyed.

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