Mozido to make use of mobile commerce and security products from MasterCard

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Mozido forms partnership with MasterCard to improve its mobile platform

Mozido, a company that provides financial and marketing services focused on the mobile sector, has announced that it has partnered with MasterCard. Through this partnership, Mozido will be incorporating the mobile payments and security products that MasterCard had to offer. These products will be bundled into the services that Mozido provides, increasing its value to its clients and helping the company establish a stronger foothold in the highly competitive mobile market.

Mozido platform will be augmented with new payment and security products

MasterCard products will be incorporated into Mozido’s Mobile Transaction EcoSystem Architecture Framework platform. This platform was designed to integrate seamlessly with products offered by other vendors, making it a flexible solution for companies interested in the mobile space. With the demand for mobile commerce and marketing services on the rise, Mozido has been working to improve its platform, making it more versatile to the changing needs of the mobile sector.

Security continues to be a major issue in the mobile space

NFC mastercard mobile commerce payments MasterCard’s security services may be a very welcome inclusion to Mozido’s platform. Mobile security has become a hot topic in recent months, following high-profile data breaches and other cyber attacks that have been made against retailers. Those interested in mobile commerce are particularly concerned about security as they financial information is a very attractive target for malicious groups. By incorporating MasterCard’s security products into its platform, Mozido may be able to help address some of the security issues that exist in mobile commerce.

Payment services will help make mobile commerce more convenient

Payment services from MasterCard will also be bundled into Mozido’s platform. These services will help make mobile payments more convenient and will allow those using the Mozido platform to accept debit and credit payments, as well as those made from prepaid cards. Mobile wallets will also be supported by these new services, which will be a benefit for those interested in mobile commerce. Mozido believes that the partnership will help accelerate its efforts to provide effective financial services to a wide range of consumers and businesses.

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