Mookkie bowl uses AI to make sure the right pet is eating the right food

mookkie bowl uses AI

Volta is gearing up to launch its “smart” pet food bowl at CES 2019 in Las Vegas.

The Milan-based smartphone appliances manufacturer, Volta, has developed a unique facial recognition pet food bowl called Mookkie bowl, which features a built-in camera and embedded circuit board that makes it capable of recognizing a person’s pet. The company is expected to show it off at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2019).

The bowl uses artificial intelligence to keep other animals out of your pet’s food.

The facial recognition tech that has been added to the bowl recognizes your pet’s face. Once these sensors on the Mookkie bowl detect your pet’s face, a mechanical panel rotates to expose the food in the bowl.

This smart food dish is not only ideal for keeping unwanted animals from getting into your pet’s food, but may also be beneficial for people who have multiple pets and want to stop these pets from eating each other’s food. This may be particularly important in homes where multiple pets may have different dietary requirements.

The Mookie bowl uses a companion smartphone app to notify pet owners when their pet’s about to have its meal.

The bowl connects to a local network over WiFi and will send pet owners a notification via the companion mobile app to alert them that their pet is about to eat. It can also send a short video of the pet in action.

What’s more, the pet bowl also reportedly works with Google Assistant, meaning you can control the bowl’s opening mechanism as well as order more pet food by simply using voice commands, reported TechRadar.

It isn’t yet known how well the technology works. Furthermore, it seems that the device requires the pet to patiently wait in front of the bowl in order for it to work. This may be easier said than done, especially with eager and hungry cats and dogs.mookkie bowl uses AI

More about the Mookie bowl is likely to be revealed at CES 2019. For now, according to Volta, the bowl is expected to go on sale in September with a retail price of $189.


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