MoneyGram forms deal with Vodafone to promote mobile commerce

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MoneyGram teams with Vodafone to appeal to mobile consumers

MoneyGram has announced its new partnership with Vodafone. Through this partnership, the two organizations aim to make it easier for consumers to conduct money transfers from their mobile devices. This is to be accomplished through the M-Pesa platform, which is owned by Vodafone. The platform has been used throughout Europe for various purposes ranging from bill paying to depositing funds into a bank account directly from a mobile device.

Vodafone continues to find success in the mobile field with its various services and initiatives

Vodafone has shown a strong interest in mobile commerce in recent years. The telecommunications company is currently involved in a wide range of mobile commerce initiatives in Europe and has teamed with many other organizations that also have an interest in the mobile space. MoneyGram has a modest interest in mobile commerce and is working to become more engaging and valuable to its customers that are beginning to rely more heavily on their mobile devices in daily life.

Mobile commerce is more than simply shopping online

Mobile Commerce Apps on smartphoneMobile commerce is often perceived as the purchase of products online using a smartphone or tablet. The concept of mobile commerce is, however, more expansive. It involves financial conduct on any kind from a mobile device, including paying bills online, managing banks accounts, interactive with mobile marketing campaigns, and, of course, purchasing products online. MoneyGram and Vodafone will work together to make transfering money via a mobile device more convenient for consumers using the M-Pesa platform.

New services to be ready during the second quarter of this year

M-Pesa currently boasts of more than 16 million active users throughout the world. Vodafone has been working to bring the platform to new markets and its partnership with MoneyGram is part of this endeavor. New MoneyGram services that make use of the M-Pesa platform are expected to begin in the second quarter of this year, with the initial trial period for the services running through the remainder of 2014. The trial period will help MoneyGram and Vodafone resolve any of the problems that consumers may have with the M-Pesa platform.

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