Moneto upgrades mobile payment platform

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Moneto announces numerous upgrades to platform

Moneto, a leading mobile payment company, has announced updates to its mobile payment platform of the same name. The company claims that these updates make it the first mobile payment platform that is available for both iOS and Android mobile devices. The updates bring a sleuth of new features to the platform that may make it more attractive to consumers that are interested in mobile commerce. The Moneto platform utilizes NFC technology to facilitate transactions.

Platform now capable of transferring money

The Moneto platform has been upgraded with a new feature called “Money Move.” This feature allows for the transference of funds from one account to another. The service is free and available for both iOS and Android platforms. Moneto expects that this feature will be popular for consumers that frequently send money to friends and family. The money sent in this fashion arrives instantaneously if the recipient has a Monento account.

M-commerce continues to grab the attention of consumers

Mobile commerce is becoming more popular amongst consumers despite the lack in variety of mobile payment platforms. Google Wallet was among the first of this applications to be made available to Android consumers and has managed to generate a fair deal of support for the m-commerce industry as a whole. Other companies have plans to introduce mobile payment systems, but the majority of these projects are still in the planning phases. Moneto is among the first of these platforms to be available to both iPhone and Android users.

Moneto introduces changes to business model

Along with the updates to its payment platform, Moneto has also renovated its business model. The company has removed its monthly fees for the first three months for those that use Moneto prepaid debit MasterCards. The company has also expanded its pricing schemes to ensure that its services are more accessible to a wider range of consumers. These changes are expected to bring more people into the mobile commerce field.

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