mobiManage announces launch of mobile content management system for apps and websites


Mobile Commerce
mobiManage has announced the release of the second generation of its mobile CMS systems, precisely four years after the initial American release of the original systems.

This latest release includes upgrades to the feature designs and a completely new engine. IT offers a single platform on which Android and iPhone apps alike, as well as mobile websites and tablet products can all be managed. These latest upgrades also provide capabilities for adding features for mobile marketing to an app or website, including QR codes and NFC tags, banner ads, and mobile loyalty cards, as well as several others.

This will provide mobiManage customers with management capabilities for all of their various mobile assets, such as Android, iPhone, and iPad apps. The company’s goal was to make it simpler for its customers to make quick app updates, as they still receive advanced mobile management services for their tablet and mobile web products.

According to the mobiManage vice president of business development, Ben Ashley, the new release allows customers much more freedom for the expansion and maintenance of their brand and products by way of the mobile channel, “while easily integrating with their existing data and website systems.”

He added that along with this most recent announcement, the company has also unveiled an entirely new pricing structure. This new structure includes complete Android and iPhone app integration for “thousands less than our competition.”

mobiManage president, Doug Ralston, went on to say that mobile apps are rapidly turning into “the most powerful channel to communicate with customers.”

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