Mobile wallet partnership forms between Samsung Pay and South African PayGate

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The South African payment gateway has announced it is accepting the electronics giants’ payments.

South African online payment gateway PayGate, a DPO Group subsidiary, has announced that it is adding the Samsung Pay mobile wallet to its list of payment methods its merchants will be able to accept.

This solution makes it possible for smartphone users to complete transactions with their phones.

The mobile wallet is from a trusted brand and allows consumers to be able to complete a purchase without having to use cash or share any of the details relating to their payment cards. Merchants using PayGate will now be able to accept Samsung Pay to complete transactions.

“Samsung Pay removes the need to search through a wallet or purse for payment cards, which contributes to a seamless payment journey. On top of this, every transaction is authenticated and authorised by the customer’s fingerprint or PIN on their Samsung device – adding an extra layer of security to online payments. This means customers are more likely to complete the check-out process,” said DPO Group CEO Eran Feinstein.

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PayGate underscored that the Samsung Pay mobile wallet keeps actual card data invisible.

The card information is kept secure without being stored either on the smartphone itself or Samsung’s servers. Instead, at the time of a payment transaction, a token is substituted for the card number, forming a virtual version of the card that has an entirely different digit combination.

This makes certain that the consumer’s financial details remain fully secure and encrypted but that the necessary information is still successfully transmitted through the payment system to complete the transaction for the merchant.

“We are very excited about bringing Samsung Pay to PayGate merchants. By making online shopping more convenient, our technology is helping to grow Africa’s ecommerce sector as a whole. This benefits everyone involved – from business owners and their suppliers, to customers. The rapid growth and adoption by both retailers and customers is fuelled by innovation that puts their needs first – foremost security and convenience,” said Samsung South Africa Vice President of Mobile, Justin Hume, in a recent news release about the mobile wallet integration.

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