Mobile wallet demoed to allow restaurant patrons to pay at the table

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Mobile Wallet for restaurantsA new integrated payments system demonstration at an Innovation event to set the bar for 2013.

Cloud based mobile wallet provider, Padiant, has announced its latest solution which includes a pay at the table service for restaurants.

The first demonstration of this product will occur at an event that will be held at Harvard.

Later this month, the first view of the mobile wallet service will help companies, restaurants, and smartphone users to see a glimpse of the type of service that they should expect to become much more mainstream over the next year and beyond. The co-founder of Padient, Chris Gardner also intends to take part in an innovations in payments panel that will be taking place later in March.

This week, Padient has already announced that its mobile wallet has been integrated with Menusoft.

This combined solution from Menusoft will bring the mobile wallet into its Digital Dining point of sale (POS) and restaurant management software system. That program already has approximately 50,000 customers, including everything from large chains to independents. They also range from quick service to table service restaurants.

The mobile wallet solution will provide those restaurants with the ability to give their customers the option to pay their bills, redeem coupons, and receive loyalty points and offers through the use of their smartphones. Each of these solutions is specially configured to the specific needs of each restaurant.

Restaurants are already among the industries that are the biggest users of smartphones as a tool to boost their customer experience. From apps and optimized websites to mobile marketing, the addition of mobile wallet and payments will fit quite naturally into this environment. This is not the first time that a smartphone payment program has been implemented into this industry. There have been several that have popped up in the United States and other parts of the world.

However, it is expected that the Padiant mobile wallet partnership with Menusoft will bring the technology to a much broader customer base so that it will become much more available to consumers than it ever has before. This, combined with the other current efforts, could help to finally encourage the smartphone payments services to take off.

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