Mobile users can now pay for groceries with their devices

Mobile Payments

Mobile Payments
Customers who want to use their smartphones to make mobile payments for their food purchases will soon be making grocery store checkout lines a faster experience.

The efficiency of mobile payments will help cashiers to checkout larger numbers of customers in a smaller amount of time. The only catch is that customers will need to have smartphones or other mobile devices that are enabled with near field communication (NFC) or other compatible technology. Fortunately, these devices are widely available and their use is becoming increasingly popular.

Grocery stores are offering this service on an increasing basis to help to take advantage of the most sales opportunities in the shrinking amount of time that consumers are spending within their shops. Mobile payments can help make it easier for those stores to make more money from every aisle in the store. Furthermore, the convenience and speed of the experience will have customers returning every time they need groceries.

A recent American survey showed that 57 percent of adults feel that mobile payments will become a mainstream service by 2015. The same survey showed that 22 percent had not yet tried mobile payment services but will be willing to do so. Moreover, 47 percent said that they would consider using mobile payments if they were confident in the security of their personal and financial information.

Grocery stores and other retailers hoping to keep up with the market trends and to provide consumers with what they want will need to offer mobile payment options and learn to keep up with what customers want so that they will return every time.

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