Mobile trends continue to take over with 3 out of 4 device owners owning smartphones

Mobile trends Commerce Apps on smartphone
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It didn’t seem that long ago that it seemed like an accomplishment to take half of the market.

comScore has just released some interesting new mobile trends data that has revealed that smartphones are now making up a tremendous 75 percent of the overall cell phone marketplace in the United States.

This represents phenomenal growth over the figure from the same time last year, which had been 65 percent.

Now, out of every American over the age of 13 years, three out of every four is the owner of a smartphone. These mobile trends are staggeringly important as it reveals the power that this one device has in order to reach the population across the country in a way that virtually no other device can accomplish. This is especially true because of the range of different types of functions that are available through a smartphone.

The mobile trends data also showed that there is only a microscopic percentage of Americans who don’t have any devices.

Mobile trends Commerce Apps on smartphoneIn fact, according to the vice president of marketing and insights from comScore, Andrew Lipsman, the number of people in the United States who don’t have any type of mobile devices, regardless of whether or not they are an actual smartphone, is so small that it barely registers into the data collected by the company.

Lipsman explained that “If you take a look at the big picture, it’s how mobile has taken over and become the dominant platform through which people engage in digital media.”

The use of desktop computers has continued to be important, but in terms of growth, it has leveled off. The area where growth is continuing upward instead of simply maintaining, is in the area of smartphones and other mobile devices. People are clearly interested in spending more of their time looking at digital screens, whether it is throughout the day, during their commutes, while they watch television in the evenings, or even as they relax in bed at night. These mobile trends can be easily explained through the sheer availability of the devices, particularly smartphones and tablets. Lipsman added to the report that this could be helping people to learn more quickly and remain more informed.

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