Mobile technology breaks down barriers between work and home life

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A recent study has shown that 7 out of every 10 global executives feel smartphones bring work to into leisure activities.

The results of the Mobile Elite 2014 Survey from CNBC have now been released, and what they have shown is that the majority of executives around the globe feel that mobile technology is causing the barriers between professional and leisure lives to crumble.

The annual report is used to track the impact and usage trends with regards to of mobile devices by execs.

This year’s survey has now extended beyond the United States and has included data from business executives in Europe as well as in Asia. The survey revealed that as mobile technology provides continual access to business and leisure content, no matter where the business exec may be and what time it is, the work week and weekend are blurring into each other. Among the surveyed executives, 70 percent said that mobile devices were invading the time between work and leisure more than ever before. Another 6 in 10 said that they were accessing business content using a smartphone or tablet during what used to be their leisure time.

This shows that business execs are using mobile technology to access more work content over the weekend.

business mobile technologyThe CNBC director of research, EMEA, Mike Jeanes, explained that “This new wave of global research reveals that the Business Elite are consuming more business content over the weekend. Mobile is blurring the boundaries between work and leisure, as the consumption of business content over the weekend becomes commonplace. This change presents an opportunity for media owners and advertisers alike.”

In Europe, the highest consumption of business content is during the mornings on weekdays. That said, there is another spike in the evenings among execs who monitor the financial markets in the United States, due to the time difference.

The report also reported an increased combined use of televisions and tablets over 2014, as 80 percent of American executives reported using their tablets at the same time that they watched television. Comparatively, this figure was 70 percent in Asia and 71 percent in Europe. Globally, 56 percent of executives use their mobile technology devices directly as a result of something that they have viewed on television.

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