Mobile shopping is rising over the holidays due to app use

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As the season continues, the use of applications has kept the use of m-commerce at a high level.

Now that the holiday season is in full gear, smartphones are proving to be more integral than ever to people who need to make sure they’ve found the perfect gifts for everyone on their list, and mobile shopping has been key to getting the job done.

It’s the use of mobile commerce apps that has been pushing that trend forward, says a recent study.

Several companies have now conducted analyses that have revealed that the increase in the use of mobile shopping, year over year, has been in the double digit percentages from the weekend of Black Friday through Cyber Monday and beyond. Still, as experts have pointed out, it isn’t actually those single day events that that defines the entire purchasing season. Instead, people do start comparing prices, researching products and even buying well before Thanksgiving and right up until Christmas Eve.

Sales may be intense on specific days, but mobile shopping continues heavily throughout the season.

mobile shopping payments impulse According to IBM Watson, shoppers this year have been looking to their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets as much as they have turned to their desktops and laptops. Mobile traffic has been recorded as making up 47.5 percent of all online traffic since the start of the holiday shopping season. When compared to last year, this represents an increase of 16.3 percent.

Other figures from the IBM Watson analysis determined that among all online sales 27.6 percent originated over mobile devices. This represented an even larger jump over last year’s figures, as it means that this activity has increased by 25.7 percent. Shoppers using smartphones spent an average of $102.02 per order. That said, laptops still held the top spot when it came to the average order size, as those orders had an average value of $128.00. Tablets were not far behind laptops, with an average order value of $124.14.

Still, when it came to conducting searches, finding store locations, researching products and finding the best prices, it was smartphones that were the mobile shopping winner. They comprised 36 percent of all online traffic. Comparatively, tablets made up only 11.1 percent of all online traffic.

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