Mobile shopping is expected to be big on Thanksgiving

Adobe News mobile shopping

Adobe Digital Index data has shown that this will be the second year in a row that m-commerce will rise sharply.

Aside from getting together with family and stuffing themselves full of an unimaginable amount of turkey, this Thanksgiving will also be a time when many Americans turn to mobile shopping to get themselves into the holiday shopping mood.

The retail craving has always been strong on this holiday, and online browsing and buying is moving to smartphones.

According to the Adobe Digital Index, Thanksgiving this year is expected to see a striking increase in mobile shopping with a total sales estimate in the United States reaching $1.6 billion. To understand how large that truly is, when comparing that figure to the same one last year, it would represent an increase of 18 percent. Due to the rising use of smartphones and tablets, it will make it possible for Thanksgiving to give online sales a serious shot in the arm.

In fact, mobile shopping will help Thanksgiving day to be the fastest online sales day for two consecutive years.

Adobe News mobile shoppingAccording to Adobe Digital Index principal research analyst, Tamara Gaffney, explained that “The reason why is because we don’t want to leave our friends and family.” She added that “Stores may be open, but our own desire to go into them is limited because it’s a big family day.”

The predictive consumer model applied by Adobe is based on an aggregate data analysis gleaned from over 1 trillion visits to approximately 4,500 different retail sites in the United States. These took place over a span of eight years. According to the company, in previous years, its accuracy with regards to predictions of spending online on Thanksgiving and on Cyber Monday has been within 2 percent of the actual figure.

Now, Adobe’s predictions are showing that it will be mobile devices and not laptops and desktops that will be driving the majority of purchases on Thanksgiving Day. To be more specific, it is predicted that 51 percent of online purchases on that day will come from mobile shopping traffic. This is the first time that this will have occurred on this important online shopping day.

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