Mobile shopping experience is a primary Target focus

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The retailer is now concentrating on ensuring that smartphone users will find what they need while in-store.

Target is the latest retailer to have identified the opportunity that is available when the in-store and mobile shopping channels are brought together, as it enhances the experience of customers, encouraging them to spend more.

Target has found that a customer’s own smartphone can help to boost the size of in-store sales.

According to the vice president of enterprise strategy at Target, Jamil Ghani, Target has “rebuilt all of our digital experiences from the ground up.” Ghani also added that “Our culture was holding on to some old beliefs and behaviors. We’ve reversed course.” This involved the replacement of the iPhone mobile shopping application in order to reflect an entirely new point of view that would help to encourage consumers to return to shop in-store and to buy more while they were there.

What they have found was that customers who use mobile shopping return for four times more visits.

Target Store mobile shoppingGhani explained that the consumers engaged with mobile commerce will come back to a store’s location four times more often every year than those who are not reached through their smartphones. Moreover, once a customer has entered a brick and mortar location, the new Target mobile app provides that individual with a shopping list feature that will help to direct the individual to the shelf location of the desired product. The purpose of this feature is to make the in-store shopping process as quick, easy, and convenient as it possibly can.

What Target has found since it completely revamped its mobile app, is that those who use the application will usually purchase more items than those who did not have the app. This strategy turned out to be highly successful over the post-holiday shopping season. The iPhone app for the retailer was launched in time for the holiday shopping season, itself, and by the end of the year, the product-location feature was used over 400,000 times.

Mobile shopping wasn’t just a matter of the company’s app. According to the company’s stats, 60 percent of the website visits during November and December originated from smartphones and tablets.

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