Mobile security threat growing with new gadgets

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The various types of technology that are being released today may be placing our privacy at further risk.

The latest gadgets, such as Google Glass, and a number of others, are gaining a great deal of hype, but as much as they have a great deal of potential, they may also be placing privacy and mobile security at risk.

After all, individuals wearing augmented reality glasses can take pictures and video without anyone knowing.

As privacy and mobile security become an increasing concern to those who are buying technology, these risks are now extending to include the people around those who own the gadgets. Now, a person needs to be concerned not only about the information that his or her own device is sharing with others, but also about the way in which other people are using their devices to collect data.

augmented reality glasses mobile security concernsWith wearable gadgets, mobile security is a growing concern as it becomes easier for others to collect our information.

Google Glass, Memoto, Google Now, Facebook Graph Search and Google Street view can be combined with these devices to build a genuine mobile security concern. With these devices and services, it becomes increasingly easy for a stranger to be able to photograph or film you, identify you, and then collect an even larger amount of information about you.

Gadget developers and manufacturers are not oblivious to this mobile security and privacy concern. It is an issue that they are forced to face with each additional step that they take toward their next release. As consumers become increasingly aware of the potential consequences of issues such as being photographed and filmed without their knowledge, the challenges for device manufacturers will likely only rise. That problem is not limited to augmented reality glasses, but also extends to Memoto and other image capturing devices.

Many experts in the technology development industry are now discussing the advantages that new devices can have and balancing them with the possible drawbacks in terms of personal and mobile security. This is a subject that will continue to reappear over time and that is likely to make mobile headlines on an increasing basis.

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