Mobile security gets a huge Samsung and IBM collaboration to support it

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The companies have announced a strategic partnership for enhanced enterprise protection

Samsung made a massive new mobile security for enterprise announcement at the RSA Conference in San Francisco, in which it said it was collaborating with IBM to recreate device protection for business customers.

The solution will bring Samsung Knox and IBM’s QRadar together

The mobile security solution that will result from the collaboration will be offered by Samsung later in 2024. It will involve the integration of Samsung Knox on-device intelligence into the IBM Security QRadar Suite. By combining the mobile device security platform with the threat detection and response solution, the companies are set to produce powerful protection for enterprise customers.

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The integration is meant to make it possible for security practitioners and analysts with a visibility boost using a “single pane of glass” experience for seeing into the devices used in their organization. It will also make it faster to be able to respond to threats at any point in the lifecycle of the incident. This way, business operations can be transformed as users are assisted with their privacy protection.

The mobile security solution protects privacy while simultaneously protecting it

The companies have worked to find a careful balance between preserving the privacy of users and providing enough visibility to the Security Operations Center (SOC) to ensure that superior threat intelligence and management results.

A Zero Trust framework has been a growing trend among security teams and IT departments within organizations.  That said, with Samsung Knox, SOCs are offered differentiated capabilities in order to be able to ensure that device visibility is present in terms of understanding vulnerabilities and accessing on-device threat detections. This way, security analysts can receive alerts early within the chain of attack. 

It’s also possible for Samsung Knox to turn on automated response and remediation actions. Among the top examples of this is the patching that can occur on Knox devices through SOC tool and workflow integrations.

SOC teams leveraging IBM QRadar Suite through this new collaboration between the companies will be able to use on-device threat intelligence in Samsung Galaxy mobile devices, as well as centralized vulnerability visibility.


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