Mobile security report shows that more Android phones are insured than iPhones

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mobile security insurance protectionThe study was performed by Ensquared, and shows that devices with Google’s operating system have the most policies.

A report that has just been released by Ensquared has shown that in 2012, consumers who owned smartphones based on the Android operating system purchased insurance for greater mobile security on their devices at a rate of four times more than the owners of iPhones.

During last year’s final quarter there had been high expectations for the iPhone 5 and its coverage.

However, it wasn’t too long after the release of the iPhone 5 that it was discovered that the sales both for the device, and the mobile security coverage that would be purchased for those smartphones, were a disappointment. Without any truly notable technical innovations for the device, and with complaints arriving quickly regarding its poor battery life and lousy maps performance, the momentum of the iPhone and its insurance was knocked down.

At the same time, Android devices and their mobile security coverage, were being snatched up worldwide.

Apple applied all of its typically successful tactics to market the new device, particularly those including the control of supply in order to shape the product’s demand. However, the outcome wasn’t the same as it had been for previous device releases. Furthermore, the iPhone’s unlocked version was also released by Apple to be sold outright, and still the uptake was nothing to write home about.

According to the Ensquared CEO, Gordon Polovin “More and more folks out there are starting to get fed up with the Apple lock-in and controlled ecosystem — people want freedom and choice; this is why Android is now the new king of the smartphone castle.” He also went on to say that “We are amazed at just how many people are purchasing Android devices of all flavors.”

With all of the new purchases of Android devices, the mobile security precautions that are being taken are far greater for those smartphones than for the new Apple phones. Insurance companies offering coverage for Android based smartphones are also finding that it is more attractive to provide coverage for those devices, as they are typically less expensive to repair and replace as their hardware prices aren’t associated with an added premium, as is the case with apple.

This means that it’s cheaper to by mobile security insurance coverage for Android devices and therefore makes it more likely that consumers will purchase a policy.

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