Mobile security issues grow with the channel’s popularity

Mobile Security threats

Mobile Security threatsCyber crime is growing over smartphones and tablets as shopping and payments become more common.

Studies are beginning to show that the comfort and confidence that consumers have with shopping and paying for purchases over their smartphones is beginning to grow, but the more common it becomes to use these devices, the bigger the mobile security threat is growing.

Though the use of smartphones and tablets boosts opportunities and convenience, it also opens the door to fraudsters.

Each new digital opportunity for consumers is also one that is being watched by hackers and wrongdoers who would take advantage of consumers who use their devices for shopping and paying for their items by snatching up their financial or private information. Identity theft and credit card fraud become a serious concern as these mobile security threats become more rampant.

Mobile security is an area that requires greater consumer attention in order to reduce risks.

For this reason, it is very important that consumers prepare themselves. The mcommerce and smartphone payments channels can offer consumers a great deal, but it is up to the device users to become aware of mobile security risks and make sure that they are keeping them to a minimum.

This is making mobile security one of the largest areas of growth for 2013, as it has piggy backed on top of the explosive increase in use of mcommerce and tablet commerce. Though this was one of the main issues that was getting in the way of the acceptance of consumer spending over this channel, as shoppers start to use their devices for an increasing number of daily tasks, they are also increasing their comfort level with smartphones and tablets.

The result is that there is a growing trust in mobile security, which many unethical individuals are using in order to be able to steal data which can then be used for their own purposes. This is placing consumers at a greater risk of accessibility issues, text message scams, and data theft in various forms.

Mobile security experts aren’t recommending that consumers cease the use of the devices for shopping and banking, but are highly recommending that they inform themselves about keeping their information safe and reducing the likelihood that they will become a target.

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