Mobile security issues grow as a result of device thefts

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Lost and stolen smartphones and tablets are making the effort to protect privacy much more difficult.

Companies that are attempting to protect mobile security are finding that their jobs are becoming increasingly challenging as a result of the issues that arise following the loss or theft of devices such as smartphones and tablets.

This, according to a survey that was conducted in the United States by ZixCorp.

A US Cellular survey showed that 58 percent of individuals in the United States had experienced a lost, stolen, or damaged cell phone at some point in their lives. When it comes to modern technology and smartphones, this can present a serious mobile security issue, particularly for businesses. The more recent survey by ZixCorb indicated that 20 percent of employees who use smartphones or tablets for professional purposes will wait from a few days to a week before a missing device is reported.

This inclination to hesitate before reporting the loss or theft of a device can cause serious mobile security headaches.

Mobile SecurityShould a lost or stolen mobile device remain in the wrong hands for too long, it can mean that there is an increased chance that there will be a security breach and sensitive data could be accessed.

The report from ZixCorp showed that among the main reasons that exist for the delay in reporting lost or stolen devices is due to bring your own device (BYOD) programs. Among the survey respondents, 43 percent expressed that their greatest concern was that their employer would attempt to gain access to their personal information. As employees are afraid of losing their personal photos, contact information, mobile apps if the device is wiped by the employer, they will often hesitate before making a report of the missing device.

The survey also showed that a considerable 71 percent of respondents stated that they would not use a personal device in a BYOD program if it were possible for their employer to remotely wipe the contents of the device in the case of loss or theft of the device, or if their employment were ever to be terminated with that business. As a whole, this generates a considerable mobile security situation within these workplace programs.

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