Mobile security to gain momentum in coming years

Mobile Security

Mobile security may have a big year in 2015, driven by interests in the mobile commerce field

Mobile security is likely to become more important this year, especially as more people begin to participate in the mobile commerce space. A new report from TechNavio shows that the global mobile security market is beginning to gain momentum. More businesses are placing a strong focus on mobile security, especially those in the retail space that accept mobile payments. In the coming year, security may become a major priority for businesses throughout the world, if they want to engage mobile consumers in meaningful ways.

Report highlights the dangers of malware, especially when it comes to financial information

The report notes that the prevalence of malicious third-party software is growing. Malware could cause significant damage to a consumer or a business, and this damage could be difficult to recover from. Most malware appears to be a significant threat to identity, personal information, and the availability of mobile services. Malware aims to exploit the weakness of a smartphone’s security system. Those that do not take steps to protect themselves could have their information be exploited by malicious parties.

Security is becoming more important because of mobile commerce

Mobile SecuritySecurity has begun to attract more attention in the advent of mobile commerce. A growing number of consumers are beginning to use their mobile devices to shop for and purchase products. Because mobile commerce involves the trafficking of financial information, it has become a very attractive target for malicious groups that would take advantage of this information. Retailers that have become involved in mobile commerce are particularly interested in security.

Global mobile security market to grow by 38% every year from 2013 to 2018

According to the report from TechNavio, the global mobile security market is expected to grow by a compound annual growth rate of 38.3% from 2013 to 2018. New security services are making it easier for businesses to protect mobile transactions and consumers information. These services are also creating more confidence among consumers that are interested in mobile payments. As this confidence grows, people will begin to participate in mobile commerce more frequently.

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