Mobile retail shopping represents 42 percent of online sales, study

Mobile retail shopping - woman using mobile phone

Smartphones have also increased revenue for 65 percent of retailers according to the research.

Mobile retail shopping is rapidly playing a growing role in the online shopping experience, and new research helps to show just how this evolution is occurring.

Not only are more shoppers using smartphones to shop but retailers are earning more as a result.

About 42 percent of online sales now come from mobile retail shopping sources such as smartphones, said the results of a new study commissioned by Quiq, a messaging software firm, as reported by Mobile Marketer. That same study also showed that almost two thirds (65 percent) of retailers say that they have seen a rise in revenue as a result of shoppers on their smartphones.

Seventy four percent of retailers that participated in this study agreed that mobile tech have improved their accessibility to customers. Moreover, 66 percent of retail participants felt their customer satisfaction had improved as a result of the use of smartphones.

Mobile retail shopping has brought a number of other benefits business owners identified in the study.

Among the additional benefits retailers enjoy from the increase in smartphone based commerce are:

• Improved efficiency, according to 62 percent of study participants,
• Reduced costs generated by customer service, according to 33 percent of retailers.

Only 18 percent of retailers stated that they felt it was more difficult to service their customers as a result of smartphone tech.

Of the respondents, nearly two in three – 62 percent – said they were working on mobile commerce integration into their online sales strategy and operations. Among the participants, only 14 percent were self-described “mobile-first” businesses, said the survey results. Still, 19 percent said they were in the midst of implementing the beginnings of their mobile retail shopping strategies.

This study was commissioned by Quiq was conducted by Sapio. It involved the participation of over 200 retailers. The results indicate that mobile commerce has become a critical component of successful retailing. Consumers are using their Mobile retail shopping - woman using mobile phonesmartphones at an increasing rate and the survey shows that retailers need to work with that technology in order to not only satisfy their customers but, soon enough, just to survive.

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