Mobile payments technology is becoming mainstream

NFC Mobile Payments System

Mobile commerce technology is beginning to become more common with businesses

Mobile commerce technology is beginning to enter the mainstream. This technology had once occupied the fringes of the retail industry and business in general, but is becoming more widely accepted as companies begin to understand how much consumers are relying on mobile technology. Many consumers are using their mobile devices in their daily lives, whether for entertainment or social purposes, and this trend is not likely to dissipate within the foreseeable future. If businesses do not engage mobile consumers, they could well lose their relevance entirely.

NFC technology may no longer be shunned by those interested in mobile commerce

NFC technology already comprises much of the infrastructure supporting mobile payments, but this technology has proven to be quite unattractive to many businesses due to concerns regarding security. The technology itself, however, is not actually prone to exploitation as it simply serves as a data transfer platform. Rather, mobile commerce platforms themselves as inherently flawed because of their lack of security features. As more businesses understand this, NFC technology is beginning to see more support and become more widely accepted as a mobile commerce facilitator. Even companies like Apple, which has decried the use of NFC, have begun supporting the technology.

Isis proves that mobile commerce is gaining ground with consumers and businesses alike

NFC Mobile Payments SystemSupport for mobile wallet applications like Isis is growing as well. According to Isis, more than 20,000 people are using the platform to make a mobile payment on a daily basis. The application is currently available on more than 70 different types of mobile devices and operating systems, making it one of the most widely used mobile wallets on the market currently.

Businesses are helping mobile consumers become comfortable with new commerce

With mobile commerce technology becoming more common in stores and being supported by a growing number of businesses, consumers are likely to become more comfortable with the concept of using their mobile devices to pay for products online. While consumers are playing a major role in influencing companies to embrace new commerce technology, these businesses are also influencing the popularity of new commerce by accommodating the demands of consumers.

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