Mobile payments system launched by Wawa

Wawa Convenience Store mobile payments

The convenience store chain is looking to benefit from the same opportunity that is successful at Starbucks

Both Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts have been finding considerable benefit from their mobile payments systems and their loyalty apps, and now the Wawa convenience store chain has announced that it is rolling out its own version of a system.

Wawa’s mobile app now also features its own gift card based digital transaction system and a rewards program.

The Wawa mobile payments app is compatible with iOS and Android based devices. It gives customers the opportunity to be able to pay for their orders through the application at any of the 680 store locations in the New York City to Washington D.C. corridor, right through to Florida. The model being used by the company closely reflects that which was created by Starbucks, to its own great success.

The mobile payments app allows consumers to buy gift cards in order to refill their smartphone based accounts.

Wawa Convenience Store mobile paymentsThe cards – purchased either by the users themselves or given to them as gifts – can be uploaded into the mobile app so that the funds can be used in later purchases. The app also features a function hat can automatically reload the mobile gift card, by linking the smartphone to a credit card.

The smartphone payment system based on gift cards has also made it possible for Wawa to be able to implement CurrentC, as soon as it is rolled out. That is expected to occur later on in 2015. Wawa joined the Merchant Customer Exchange – the group behind the CurrentC payment system – around two years ago.

Beyond actually allowing consumers to pay for their purchases, the Wawa mobile app also makes it possible for them to collect points as a part of the company’s new rewards program. They will be able to use their smartphones to earn the points, track their points balance, and receive recommendations for products that they have purchased based on their shopping history at the store.

App users can also perform functions completely aside from mobile payments and rewards, such as looking up the nutritional information for products sold in the store, checking in over social media, looking up store locations and hours, and even finding out the latest fuel prices at the locations that sell gas.

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