Mobile payments growing in popularity at the supermarket

mobile payments grocery store
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mobile payments grocery storeThough the transaction type as a whole is still off to a slow start, there is demand when buying food.

According to the latest industry data that has been released regarding the use of mobile payments, smartphone users enjoy using their devices to complete transactions at the grocery store.

When consumers arrive at the point of sale, they are often happy to use their smartphones to pay.

This mobile payments trend was included in the latest published data from Symphony EYC, in which they identified the findings of their recently conducted survey. Within it, they presented a fascinating case for the use of smartphones as a transaction option when it came to making purchases in various different types of environments.

The demand for mobile payments was great within the supermarket environment.

The comparison of consumer behaviors with mobile payments ranged from grocery stores to restaurants in order to identify the areas where the demand was greatest. According to Symphony EYC global senior vice president of marketing, Ellen Dixon, “While American and European grocery shoppers differ in how they are interacting with their grocers, the majority would like to enhance their in-store shopping experience with mobile services.”


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Dixon went on to say that shoppers specifically wanted to be able to use their smartphones for finding specific products inside a store, performing price comparisons with other places where the product could be purchased, and to offer suggestions and feedback on the variety of products and their availability within the store.

Though it was pointed out that “very few shoppers are actually using their mobiles to buy groceries”, they also said that there is a desire to do so. It should be recognized that there are very few environments in which people are actually using mobile payments in stores, as of yet, which means that demand and desire for the service is very meaningful to future potential. This means that as a growing number of supermarkets actually start to offer this transaction method, it may be adopted by a rising number of consumers.

The belief that this is the case has spurred a very large number of companies to enter into the mobile payments market, causing a considerable amount of competition, even before it has become popular with the end user.

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