Mobile payments from Western Union make it easier to pay the bills

Western Union Mobile Payments

Western Union Mobile Payments

The new app has just been debuted by the company with the intention of simplifying the customer experience.

Western Union has just announced that it has taken an important step into the mobile payments environment in order to make it easier for customers to choose a simple and convenient solution with which to pay their bills.

Two mobile apps have been introduced to be used along with their Speedpay service.

The Speedpay mobile payments applications are geared toward mortgage providers, banks, insurance companies, and other types of organization. These billing companies can use the smartphone and tablet friendly solution from Western Union as a branded app, providing customers with the ability to pay their bills on either device that is based on iOS or the Android operating system.

The mobile payments application also allows users to view their history in addition to paying their bills.

A second app has been created specifically for mobile payments to the utility industry. Along with the features available on the first application, users of this product will also be able to monitor their service usage and both track and report outages to their services, directly from their smartphones or tablets.

According to Western Union, this second app was integrated with the mobile payments application through the addition of iFactor services. That company’s specialty is in utilities industry communications.

The Western union senior vice president of payments, David Shapiro, said that “Western Union recognizes that consumers are seeking more bill payment options, and we are committed to providing a comprehensive set of payment solutions, including mobile apps, SMS, and mobile web, as well as walk-in, phone and online payment services.”

He also went on to say that by working alongside Western union, the billers will be able to implement a mobile payments strategy that effectively meets the demands and expectations of consumers, while putting an effective and efficient entry into the smartphone and tablet space into effect. He feels that this is an ideal opportunity for the majority of these companies to make their entry into the environment in a way that is both practical and convenient.

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