Mobile payments checkout now available at Rockport

Google Wallet Mobile PaymentsThe footwear company has now implemented Google Wallet.

Rockport, a footwear company, has announced that its mcommerce site now features a checkout service that uses Google Wallet mobile payments, so that smartphone users will be able to purchase their boots, shoes, and accessories from their favorite devices.

The integration of this new platform was accomplished by the Unbound Commerce service provider.

The platform also includes a number of other mcommerce features to mirror the overall infrastructure that the company has established on its standard desktop website.

Rockport has chosen Google Wallet for its mobile payments option for streamlining the process.

The company made the decision because they believe that particular mobile payments platform will allow the checkout process to be much faster and easier for their customers. This launch partner selection also allowed the footwear company to enjoy a featured position in the latest Google Wallet solution announcements.

The reason that it is believed that this mobile payments choice will be beneficial to the mcommerce website is that it helps to speed up the checkout process. Traditional mobile checkouts require a smartphone user to have to fill in a large number of fields on a small screen. This can cause the process to be quite lengthy and too frustrating to complete while typing only with one’s thumbs on a tiny touch-screen keyboard.

When the new mobile payments option is selected by customers shopping for their shoes, they will be able to select Google Wallet to move rapidly through the checkout process. They won’t have to fill in any payment information such as debit card or credit card numbers, and their billing address will fill itself in automatically. As it will be stored in their digital wallet account, the fields will be auto-completed.

All they need to do is choose that form of mobile payments and then log into the account. Everything else will be done for them after that point. According to the Rockport director of global ecommerce, Kimberly Correia Hunt, “The checkout process is a key part of any mobile commerce consumer experience.” She also added that “This new tool from Google Wallet means our customers can more quickly and easily complete a mobile purchase. We see this as a big asset and are pleased to have been selected to be one of the first online retailers with this tool.”

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