Mobile payments at Starbucks approaching a weekly 4 million transactions

Starbucks Card Mobile commerce payments App

Starbucks Card Mobile payments AppThe use of the application is becoming a regular part of the daily experience for customers.

Starbucks is continuing to report very impressive numbers for the use of mobile payments in its cafes, as the use of the related app becomes a regular part of the customer experience in its locations.

The latest reports have shown that analysts are also continuing to find this success highly appealing.

Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks, spoke with analysts last week in order to discuss the Q2 earnings for this year. He explained that there are now over 10 million active users of the company’s mobile payments application. Moreover, it is now closing in on a rate of 4 million transactions each week. This represents approximately 10 percent of the total exchanges at American locations.

Starbucks has just recently run a mobile payments promotion to boost the use of the program.

In order to increase the number of people using the mobile payments app, as well as to give the rewards program a boost, the massive coffee chain ran a promotion for two weeks that gave American Starbucks cardholders who joined the program a $5 credit to their accounts there. The outcome was phenomenal, as Starbucks managed to bring in almost one million new members, and generated almost half a million downloads of its app throughout that time.

According to Schultz, the company anticipates that it will break the 9 million member mark for its loyalty program by the time the year comes to a close. That said, Starbucks has no intention to simply coast along and hope that the successes roll in on their own. It also intends to boost its mobile payments and loyalty rewards program in markets outside of the United States.

He said that “The revenue and operating leverage provided by the scale and synergies among our digital, card loyalty, mobile and social platforms provides us with strong core muscle in our U.S. business and increasingly in multiple channels in markets across the globe.”

He also drew attention to a new effort in its rewards and mobile payments program. This is expected to begin in May. Schultz explained that they will be starting the first cross channel and cross plan rewards program in the market