Mobile marketing will be critical to insurance agencies in 2014

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Consumers are choosing smartphones and tablets on a rapidly increasing basis when shopping for coverage.

Retailers have already been recognizing the importance of mobile marketing as a vital way to reach and interact with consumers in an engaging way, and it is becoming increasingly important that the insurance industry comes to the same understanding.

In order for an insurance agency to be successful mobile devices will need to make their way into the mix.

The latest data is showing that for 2014, it will be more important than ever for insurance agents and agencies to look into mobile marketing to better communicate with consumers in the way that they prefer to be reached. It has already been broadly recognized by the insurance industry that online marketing and tools are integral to selling success. As it is expected that mobile internet use will overtake that over desktop computers before the end of the year, this should be a clear indication that this channel is skyrocketing in its importance.

Mobile marketing helps to make sure that when smartphones are used to find insurance, consumers are guided to the right place.

Small Business insurance Mobile MarketingAccording to statistics from Morgan Stanley, 91 percent of Americans are within reach of their mobile devices every day of the year and every hour of the day. This means that when a search needs to be conducted online, the smartphone or tablet can be an automatic choice for a large number of people. This is especially true in areas where WiFi is available.

Keeping in mind that The Mobile Marketer has reported that 70 percent of all searches that are conducted over smartphones and tablets will result in an action within an hour, if an insurance agency fails to make itself available to make itself fully available to consumers over mobile, then it will essentially be handing opportunities over to the competition.

The same can be said about advertising that is failing to use this channel. Radio and online promotions remain effective, but the relevance, interactive nature, and cost efficiency of mobile marketing cannot be ignored any longer. This year is predicted to be the year in which it is no longer considered to be optional to step into m-commerce and advertising. It is now becoming a vital requirement for success.

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