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Mobile marketing opportunities are being missed by retailers

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These companies may be missing the mark, particularly in the areas of emails for smartphone users.

According to the results of a recent study, only 23 percent of retailers in the United States and the United Kingdom are optimizing their emails for mobile marketing formats, shrinking their opportunities.

This is important because using smartphones and tablets to check emails is becoming very common.

According to recent research from Google Inc. smartphone users are, on average, checking their emails six times every day on their handsets. Moreover 61 percent of them are using their devices to make purchases of different forms. Therefore, mobile marketing to these individuals makes certain that they are being reached on the devices on which they do their actual shopping.

Mobile MarketingHowever, the majority of retailers are not making sure to optimize for mobile marketing for these consumers.

They have chance to reach consumers on the device that they use to shop, at the moment that they are using their smartphones and when they are ready to read their emails and be receptive to the messages. However, all too often, they are not optimizing for mobile marketing so that the message can be easily read on a small screen and don’t have smartphone friendly features. This, according to a study conducted by dotMailer, an email marketing firm.

The research looked into the mobile marketing emails of 30 retailers based in the United States and another 30 based in the United Kingdom. The primary factors that were examined included whether or not emails could easily be read on smartphones and whether they were linked to landing pages that were mobile optimized. Less than one quarter (23 percent) of all of the retailers had optimized their emails to make sure they’d fit on small screens. However, among those 60 retailers, 84 percent had linked mobile consumers to landing pages that rendered well on those devices.

According to dotMailer managing director, Tink Taylor, “The scores for mobile were a surprise, particularly as a third of all e-mail is now read on a mobile device”. He pointed out that optimization for mobile marketing isn’t just a bonus anymore, but should be considered to be a requirement.

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