Mobile marketing may want to place a focus on shopping moms

mom mcommerce mobile marketing

A recent study has shown that this demographic is highly receptive to ads and offers over their smartphones.

Newly published research has now confirmed what many mobile marketing firms have already suspected, which is that moms are quite receptive to receiving various types of ads, promotions, and offers over the use of their smartphones.

These findings suggested that moms have become more dependent on their mobile devices than ever before.

The research was published within the 2014 BabyCenter US Mobile Mom Report. It indicated that mothers are using their smartphones for a growing number of daily activities, such as communication, research and shopping over mobile commerce. This suggests that advertisers may want to consider this demographic as an important one for targeting mobile marketing campaigns.

This mobile marketing study was an extension made on top of previous BabyCenter research that was conducted.

mom mcommerce mobile marketingIn the last study, the company found that moms within the Millennial age group have a greater likelihood to live their lives over mobile devices than their Generation X counterparts. According to the BabyCenter vice president of sales, Julie Michaelson, “Pairing that finding with these new survey results, one can only imagine that the mobile movement will continue to gain momentum with moms, and that it will become more and more critical for brands to make mobile a top priority in their marketing mix in order to reach them.”

These study results likely aren’t coming as much of a surprise to many in the mobile advertising sphere, as moms have been an important target group for online ads for more than a decade. It only makes logical sense that as smartphone penetration grows and as the majority of people now own them, the focus on this group should now carry over to the new channels.

That said, this study provides confirmation of the suspicions that have existed about the effectiveness of directing mobile marketing strategies toward this group and has revealed that moms aren’t just using the devices but they are also quite receptive to this type of communication and opportunity for interaction with their favorite brands and companies.

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