Mobile marketing in-app purchase label created by Apple

Apple mobile payments

Apple mobile marketingAs freeware applications increase in popularity, the opportunities for shopping are also rising.

As iOS developers increase the number of freeware applications that are available to Apple device users, it has encouraged that manufacturer to create its own mobile marketing label for in-app purchases in order to keep up with the rapidly rising deployment of opportunities of that nature.

The dynamics of the App Store have been consistently changing because of this trend.

Therefore, Apple has responded by making mobile marketing more transparent, when in-app purchases are present within an application. Also driving this decision by the massive device manufacturer has been the growing number of highly publicized lawsuits relating to in-app purchases. It has become clear that this issue is not one that should be simply brushed off.

Now, mobile marketing techniques have become more apparent, with new displays in the App Store.

The App Store now reveals whether or not mobile marketing within applications offer in-app purchases. This presence is identified immediately below the app price on the listing for the application on the App Store’s desktop version.

At the moment, that feature is not available in the App Store as it is presented over iOS. However, many experts in mobile marketing are suggesting that it is likely merely a matter of time before this will change and this mobile marketing technique will be identified there, as well.

It is clear that this new feature has mainly been created in order to assist parents who allow their kids to use their Apple devices in order to play with different apps and games that contain opportunities for in-app purchases. A good example of why this can be important occurred in the United Kingdom, when a 5 year old boy recently accumulated an in-app purchase bill of $2,500 unbeknownst to his parents until they received their total that month.

It is understandable that Apple wants to make efforts to ensure that this mobile marketing effort does not lead to accidental or inappropriate purchases and that instances such as the aforementioned will rapidly come to an end in favor of legitimate purchases that were deliberately made.

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