Mobile marketing from Skycore now includes QR codes & social media

Skycore QR Code Service

Skycore QR Code Service and mobile marketing

Users can now “like” something through simple scans and taps.

Leading mobile marketing and mcommerce platform provider, Skycore, LLC., has just announced its new “Scan to Like” and “Tap to Like” smartphone advertising features that brands can use to encourage consumers to become fans at real world locations.

The company, which is based in Boston, has been providing these platforms since 2003.

The interface uses an appealing drag and drop style, which makes Skycore appealing to mobile marketing companies who want to quickly and easily add social action widgets, such as Facebook Likes, to their customized landing pages that have been optimized for smartphones. The URL that results can be embedded into QR codes that can be scanned by smartphone using consumers, or NFC Smart Posters that can be tapped by customers with near field communication technology enabled devices.

This allows mobile marketing to be available and effective at the most relevant moments.

According to the founder and CEO of Skycore, Rich Eicher “The ideal time to ask consumers to Like you is when they should ‘like’ you the most — after a good meal, a fun day of shopping, a live performance or virtually any positive brand experience. Our goal is to give marketers the tools to engage with customers in the real world and effectively track the results of those efforts”

Moreover, the effectiveness of a campaign can be easily and effectively tracked over time, as the sources of the Likes – such as a label, poster, product packaging, signage in stores, etc. – can be monitored and measured.

Furthermore, the landing page associated with the QR codes and the NFC can be changed in an instant, so that the displays and packaging on products don’t need to be continually replaced in order to continue updated mobile marketing efforts.

Aside from the ability to use a Like button in real life, mobile marketers can also use the platform to add Subscribe, Share, Comment, Register, Login, and Facepile widgets to their landing pages for smartphones. This helps to significantly broaden the ability to use the advertising channel from a brick and mortar location.

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