Mobile marketing embraced by wine industry

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Mobile MarketingWinemakers are among the businesses that are adopting smartphone technology most widely.

The wine industry is already among the sectors that has been using mobile marketing for the longest and the most broadly, and advertising firms are beginning to take notice and are targeting some of their services to these businesses.

One example has created an entire service solution that is meant specifically for this industry.

A company called Snipp Interactive has paid attention to the mobile marketing interest in the wine industry, and has started offering a full service solution that they have called SnippWine in order to serve the advertising and promotion needs that it has identified among winemakers.

In fact, that company has just added its first two clients to the list of users of this mobile marketing service.

These two clients include prominent leaders in the wine industry, Huneeus Vintners and Domine Chandon. These two labels have confirmed that they would be using the company’s mobile marketing solution for a number of their smartphone focused advertising programs.

SnippWine has also revealed that its mobile marketing tools for wineries include a broad range of different options. They include everything from a smartphone friendly site builder to shipping alerts, a social media sharing function, and the processing of receipts over mobile. There are also a series of other types of options which include MMS, SMS, QR codes, image recognition, and even augmented reality on the wine bottle labels.

Snipp is already partnered with a wine industry ecommerce solution, eWinery Solutions, will also integrate its own SnippWine solution into that platform. The result of this integration will be that the customers of eWinery will be able to create, launch, and manage mobile marketing programs directly through their eWinery interface.

According to Atul Sabharwal, the CEO of Snipp, “With the launch of SnippWine, we have made it easy and cost effective for wineries to embed mobile into their marketing mix.” In April of this year, eWinery and Snipp intend to complete their mobile marketing integration and will be opening up their $600 million North American market for their brand new solution.

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