Mobile marketing is a big win for Target

Target Mobile Marketing

Target focuses on mobile marketing and finds success

Mobile marketing and commerce may become a more powerful force in the retail industry in the coming year. Over the holiday season, retailers found that engaging mobile consumer was quite successful. Target announced that its holiday deals, many of which highlighted mobile commerce, were a success among consumers. The retailer broke its previous sales record for the holiday season, suggesting that its mobile initiatives were able to entice consumers to purchase products with their mobile devices and visit physical stores.

Mobile sales were two times higher in 2014 than they were in 2013

During Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday last year, Target saw online sales jump by 30% over what they had been during those days in 2013. Over that shopping weekend, purchases made through mobile devices were two times higher than they had been during the same period in 2013. Target was able to entice consumers to shop online through a variety of mobile marketing initiatives. The company offered in-store pickup services, which allowed those purchasing products online to visit their local Target store to retrieve their products. The company also offered delivery services that made shopping online more convenient.

Target successfully engages consumers via social media

Target Mobile MarketingTarget also found a great deal of success by engaging consumers over social media. The company notes that more than 950 guest-generated posts were featured on the #TargetStyle Instagram through the company’s mobile application. Engaging consumers over social media allowed Target to draw more attention to its digital commerce initiatives, making it easier for consumers to find the deals that the company was offering for the holidays.

Retailers may spend more money on mobile marketing and other initiatives in the coming year

Other retailers experienced similar success and this may encourage them to increase their focus on mobile consumers in the future. More retailers are expected to invest in mobile marketing in order to raise awareness of mobile commerce and encourage consumers to shop online. Retailers that do so could find a great deal of success and build significant momentum among consumers going into the new year.

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