Mobile marketing anti-bullying campaign hopes to make a difference

mobile marketing on tablets

A new text messaging service has been designed to help to improve the thoughts and actions of young people.

The largest organization for social change among young people,, is now working on a new mobile marketing campaign with Be a STAR, an anti-bullying effort that was co-founded three years ago by the WWE global entertainment company and The Creative Coalition.

Together, they are working on a text messaging based effort called “The Bully Text: Superstar Edition.”

The hope of this SMS based mobile marketing campaign is to use a texting game to be able to encourage young people to change their thoughts and actions in order to combat bullying. It provides young people with the opportunity to take part in a text messaging experience that essentially takes them through a typical day of a student and provides them with the chance to take action when a virtual bullying situation has occurred.

The mobile marketing campaign provides a scenario and possible options about actions to take.

mobile marketing on tabletsA press release about this anti-bullying mobile technology based campaign provided the following example of the game: “young people receive a text in the experience with the following scenario: “Seth teases Amy, your lab partner, about her stutter & everyone laughs. Do u A) wait & comfort her after class or B) tell them to quit it.”

The scenarios described are meant to help young people to be able to spot bullying when it happens and to promote positive responses when it has happened. Among those providing guidance to the young people taking part in this game are some of the top WWE Superstars.

According to the Chief Marketing Officer, Naomi Hirabayashi, “Both and Be a STAR are committed to giving young people the tools they need to combat bullying.” She went on to explain that through the expertise of her organization, it became possible to develop this mobile marketing campaign based on a SMS games that will place the spotlight on some of the most pressing issues in bullying. Moreover, with the global reach and solid fan base from the WWE, the partnership between the two groups for this purpose is “a no-brainer.”

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