Mobile health devices in exam rooms don’t bother patients

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Doctors had been concerned that using these gadgets would bring about fears for personal privacy.

For some time now, doctors have had their worries about using technology in order to keep electronic medical records, but it appears as though patents do not feel that same barrier about using mobile health devices and techniques in exam rooms.

A new survey conducted by Nuance has revealed that patients welcome the use of mobile gadgets.

Among the reasons that the voice recognition tech company behind the survey found that patients found mobile health devices to be more appealing than actual computers is that using a tablet, for example, means that the doctor can continue to face the patient and pay attention to him or her as details are added to a medical record. With a computer, a doctor often needs to turn his or her back to the patient, creating a kind of barrier that could erode the relationship between the patient and doctor.

The mobile health survey involved the participation of 3,000 patients in the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom.

augmented biometrics security mobile healthThe research also pointed out that 97 percent of patents welcomed the idea of having a doctor that would use mobile technology and computer technology at the time of a consultation. That said, 58 percent felt that by having technology in an exam room, the examination itself becomes more thorough and easy to understand. This is particularly true when the tech devices are “used collaboratively to educate or explain.” Said simply, patients can better express themselves and understand what the doctor is trying to express when the additional tools available on a device screen are used.

That said, while the relationship between the doctor and patient is slightly stronger when a back isn’t turned to face a computer screen – giving mobile health tools an advantage in that area – when it comes to the explanation of a diagnosis, patients are more comfortable when their doctors are using desktop computers. The reason is that they can see the screen, themselves. The screen is angled in a way that is more accessible to the patient and they can see images such as X-rays, for themselves.

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