Mobile gaming to gain momentum in 2016

Latest in Technology mobile gaming

Mobile gaming saw strong growth in 2015 and companies want to maintain this momentum in 2016

Mobile gaming has become a very powerful part of the overall game industry and this sector is expected to see significant growth in the coming years. Last year, mobile games managed to find major success, with consumers throughout the world turning to these games for convenient entertainment. This year, developers and publishers will have to find ways to maintain the success that they saw in 2015, which may lead to innovative developments in the mobile gaming space.

Large developers and publishers will fight to find success in the mobile gaming space throughout 2016

This may be an important year for large game developers interested in the mobile space. Nintendo and Konami have both become heavily involved in mobile gaming, with the latter having announced an exclusive focus on the mobile space last year. Activision Blizzard is also getting involved in mobile gaming, having acquired mobile developer King last year. These companies will face major challenges that could determine their future involvement in the mobile gaming space. Any significant failures could lead to major financial losses.

Virtual reality may come to define the future of the mobile gaming space

Latest in Technology mobile gamingOne thing that developers and publishers will have to pay attention to is the steady rise of virtual reality (VR). VR is gaining popularity among gamers, as it can be used to provide an immersive experience that changes the way people play games. Mobile games have used augmented reality for some time, but relatively few developers have leveraged the full power of this technology.

Streaming may be the key to success for mobile games

One aspect of mobile gaming that may see significant growth this year is streaming. New services are emerging that allow people to broadcast their mobile gameplay over the Internet. MobCrush is one such service, which has a specific focus on mobile gaming. Streaming has become a major success for the game industry, with services like Twitch highlighting the marketing power and profitability of broadcasting games over the Internet.

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